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How you can improve the communication skills of managers across your organization

01 Jun, 2020 Internal communication, Leadership and managerial communication, PR management, PR planning, strategy, budgeting

Why is it important for all managers to communicate well with their team members? It's because "the manager accounts for at least 70% of the variance in employee engagement scores across business units," according to the 'State of the American Manager report' 2017, by Gallup Inc., the world's biggest organizational ...

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How to fix chronically bad communication by managers

01 Jun, 2020 Internal communication, Interpersonal communication, Leadership and managerial communication

Most managers communicate poorly with their employees. Managerial communication is extremely important, but Gallup consultants report that few managers have the talent to achieve excellence: "Gallup's research reveals that about one in 10 people possess the talent to manage." Although many people have some of the necessary traits, few have ...

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Use ratings by staff to improve bosses’ communication skills

01 Jun, 2020 PR measurement, Workplace relationships

Surveys reveal that managers and supervisors think they are better communicators than they really are. Therefore asking managers and supervisors about their communication skills generally doesn't lead to much that's useful. However, by asking their direct reports to give anonymous feedback on the communication skills of their bosses is a ...

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Internal communication starved of resources: Here’s how you can gain more funding

01 Jun, 2020 Internal communication, PR planning, strategy, budgeting, Proving PR value

  The evidence is in plain sight. Good internal communication (IC) creates high levels of employee engagement, which in turn lifts organizational performance outcomes. Key IC drivers of employee engagement are: Employees’ relationship with their supervisor/manager Line of sight – the extent to which employees can see how their work ...

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