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"Kim, just wanted to say thanks for a fantastically informative site."

Paula Hanson


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"Kim, just wanted to say thanks for a fantastically informative site."
Paula Hanson


"I want to thank you today, because your posts are amazing and helpful to me."
Kavita Yadav


"Thank you very much for your newsletters and sharing your experience in the profession with all of us."
Dr Kiranjit Kaur
Selangor, Malaysia


"Just wanted to reaffirm again how much I value your professionalism, edgy quality and humanness. A beacon in a constant sea of  banal me-too-ism."
Adrian Jobson
Melbourne, Australia


"Fantastic e-newsletter - really valuable stuff, thank you."

Don Knapp
Oakland, California


"Received the Cutting Edge PR e-News, as great as the first one, highly appreciated.

"Godfrey Karuru
Nairobi, Kenya


"I see your work and this publication as highly relevant professional and yet personal - well done."

Adrian Jobson
Melbourne, Australia


"I just wanted to say a quick thank you for this terrific site!"

Ali Green
Clayton, Australia


"Your website is magic and has moved my marketing on so much. Thank you!!!!!"

Fiona Hallworth
Bristol, UK.


"Just wanted to let you know that I read your e-book [on writing a communication plan] and it's great. I
put it to practical use and came up with a strategy approved by top management.

You're awesome, thanks a lot".

Sead Fadilpaši
Sarajevo, Federacija
Bosnia and Herzegovina


"My boss and I love the site.'

Verity Charlton
Department of Justice, Victoria "


"Thanks for the ebook. Looks great. I'm a professional event manager and of course I have to have PR skills but did not do much formal training in communications.


"Your website is going to be really useful and I'm glad I found you!'

Teri White
Sydney, Australia"


"Thanks, Kim, for your regular updates. Your newsletter is great. I make it a point to read it. You have taught us readers so much about PR: things we never knew before we decided to sign up. I am one of your loyal subscribers. I find your newsletter jam-packed with information. It is interesting to read, insightful."

Archan Mehta


"Always enjoy and devour your e-publication. Thanks so much for taking the time to put this together for a newbie on the block."

Jennifer Coutlee
Montreal, Canada


"As always, I am so thankful with your ideas that can be shared to our Corporate [management].
May you continue to grow in wisdom and continue to share for the betterment of all the businesses who are blessed to read your articles."

Bella Sagum
Los Angeles

"I always enjoy reading Cutting Edge PR e-News, but this month's is especially timely with what is going on in my work life. It gave me two ideas that I can use next week to improve working relations and keep moving toward our goals.

Thank you so much for an informative newsletter."

Carolyn Murray
Anchorage, Alaska, USA


"Had to drop you a line to thank you for your news letter. I enjoy reading your excellent ideas and comentary.

I've used your communication ideas in my approach to my clients in my two businesses and have been accepted not as a "salesman", but rather a person delivering information that educates them about a subject of interest.

Just thought you would like to know that you not only help the big boys but also independent owners".

Dave Preacher
Palm Coast
Florida USA


"I just want to say ... I just LOVE getting your newsletter. There is always something new and fresh to take away.
Thank You!

Melody Beckwith
North Carolina, USA


"Have already downloaded documents [How to successfully seek corporate sponsorship].
Loving it .... worth every cent.
Thank you"

Patrick Koshoni
London, UK


"I think your expertise would be highly valued in the UK. Your insight into public speaking is superb. Thank you."

Alison, UK


"I certainly am finding the sponsorship e-book useful - it's quality information. I appreciate you taking the time to produce such a good resource."

Gregory Dunkley
Pembroke Pines,
Florida, USA


"Your articles on the website about how to communicate with people at work have improved my communication skills tremendously. Over the time, I have used a few techniques from there and this has significantly changed myself to adapt to corporate culture, esp. with my interpersonal skills."

Tran Sai Hien


"I bought your e-book on change communication a few weeks ago and have found it invaluable. Your material is crystal clear, easy to apply to real world situations and information is easy to locate."

Laura Fragiacomo
Sydney, Australia


"I want to personally thank you for all of the useful information I obtained from your website. I just got a new job in PR and need all of the help I can get. I think that your knowledge applies to much more than pr though, and I was very impressed by each article. I read every one!!! I would love to be able to use you as a learning resource in the future, if you wouldn't mind."

Michelle D. Patton
Rocklin, California


I always look forward to receiving your newsletter!... This morning someone came into my office and asked if I had a spare copy of your 'Learn how you can successfully confront others' article. I always keep copies of your relevant (to us) articles and forward them around the office.

Meagan McNeil:
Brand Manager - Wusthof
Milner's Brand Marketing, Perth, Western Australia


"Your website... is a fantastic resource! As I work in a small not-for profit, community based organisation, it is often hard to access PR /communication resources and advice that many corporations would take for granted. Your articles are going to be very useful.”

Rebecca Rosher:
Project Officer - Communications WA Local Drug Action Groups Inc.


“I want to say a big thank you for introducing me to your newsletter and your services... I have immediately bookmarked your website as a professional resource.”

Suze Linton:
Public Affairs Officer/Speech Writer - WA Department of Health


"Your e-book on preparing a top PR plan is really insightful – full of good tips and applicable advice."

Kim Larkin:
Chief Operating Officer - D. Larkin & Associates, Virginia


"Your newsletter is one of my favorite and most beneficial yet! Your information tool offers concrete and digestible language; I think every pr professional can utilize this information source regardless of his/her experience and level of training".

Heidi Pearson:
Principal Consultant - Pearson PR Consulting, Inc. Chicago, IL


“What a great resource! It [the e-book on writing a top communication plan] is the best and most easy to digest information on PR planning I have come across. It is easy to read and has clear examples a while being detailed enough to cover the topic entirely.

I am also reading your book, Strategic Public Relations: A practical guide to success. It is equally impressive."

Jackson Jones
Canberra, Australia


“I have been on your mailing list for some time, and I want to tell you how much I appreciate your newsletters for the wealth of information and insights they contain."

Tess Dumana
Manila, Philippines