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Learn the secrets of winning sponsorship proposals!

These strategies get results

Kim Harrison

From: Kim Harrison
Aug 17, 2017

Dear Sponsorship Seeker

Finding sponsorship is hard work. Funds are scarce and sponsors expect more and more for their dollar. The recent worldwide financial recession has made it even harder to win sponsor support.

You are competing against many others for the same corporate sponsorship dollar.

With sponsorships being harder to win, what can you do?
Learn the little-known secrets to compete for that sponsorship.
Learn why certain sponsorship proposals get awarded and others are rejected.
Learn what are sponsors are really looking for.

I’ve had to learn the hard way, from personal experience in lots of situations. This experience has given me the edge.

A recent example was a well-known local “Spring in the Valley” festival, which was well-established, but starting to lose its freshness. This caused sponsors to start losing interest – it was getting harder to sign them up. Graham, the head of the festival organising committee, approached me to help.

I reviewed their sponsorship proposal material and found they used a standard approach to all main sponsors. I got together with the organising committee and brainstormed a new range of benefits tailored to each sponsor. They renewed their sponsorship immediately!

Sponsorship is valuable for many different organizations

You may be in sports or the arts or you may be in a community-funded organization like a charity or not-for-profit entity. You may be in a professional association needing sponsorship to produce professional development programs.

You may even be in government. You would be surprised how much sponsorship the police and schools in your area are getting.

You may be in local government trying to get a community event over the line financially.
In your case you may be finding too many of your sponsorship proposals are being rejected. You want to improve the percentages of landing the sponsor you want.

I understand your problem from ‘hands-on' experience.

As a consultant I have helped many organizations find corporate sponsorship.

I've helped clients work out the benefits they can offer a sponsor. I've developed creative ideas to make a deal more attractive and have written sponsorship proposals. I've helped my clients with their selling pitch to potential sponsors. And I've helped clients service their sponsorship agreements.
My experience covers the full range from large to small, from advising one of the biggest national sporting clubs to helping district clubs and arts events at the local level.
And I've been on the other side of the fence. I have been public affairs manager responsible for sponsorship budgets of several hundred thousand dollars in four organizations. In fact, sponsorship was often our biggest single budget responsibility.
As public affairs manager, I wrote corporate sponsorship policies to ensure we were approaching sponsorship in the most efficient way to support our organizational goals and gain the best return on our investment.

My expertise is respected

When I established my own consultancy, the State government appointed me to develop a whole-of-government sponsorship policy with best-practice principles and guidelines for all 144 government departments and agencies in the State.

This sponsorship project involved six months of consulting work:

  • qualitative research (interviews with 18 government departments and companies)

  • quantitative research (questionnaires to 144 government departments and agencies)

  • a review of existing international literature on sponsorship

  • a review of existing policies in government and the private sector

  • a stakeholder workshop

  • a report containing definitions, a policy, best-practice guidelines and procedures

The government paid me a total of $29,750 for this project.

You have access to the same information - and more - in this e-book on finding sponsorship!

In addition to my own direct experience in finding corporate sponsorship, I subscribe to sponsorship journals and literature so I keep up to date with developments in this field.

As a result of all this accumulated knowledge, I've brought together lots of great angles on finding corporate sponsorship in this e-book, The secrets of successfully seeking sponsorship. I give you the techniques you can tailor to suit your organization's unique needs.

A wealth of practical tips and guidelines!

  • This e-book is written from my own hard-won experience - I've personally worked as head of public affairs in four organizations. Sponsorship was always our biggest single budget item after staff salaries. And as a consultant I have advised clients on their sponsorship strategies, so I know this information will work in the real world for you.

  • Expert information. I've spent more than 10,000 hours researching during the past 8 years for my book, Strategic Public Relations, and this e-book series. I closely watch business trends by subscribing to the top online business, management, communication and sponsorship journals in the world.

  • Saving you time. My long hours of research will save you from spending your valuable time in researching the same information for yourself.

  • Concise - no waffle or jargon. The text gets straight to the point so you make the best use of your time.

  • Easy to read, understand and implement. You know exactly what to do - it's been tried and tested for you.
    Instantly downloadable. You can start applying the information right away.

  • Convenient information at your fingertips - you can print it as hard copy instantly.

  • Value for money - affordable practical knowledge on sponsorship. Your employer should be glad to reimburse you for the cost of the valuable information in this e-book.

  • Easy to pay online - you can use Visa card or MasterCard to make your payment.

  • Secure - all payments are processed by WorldPay, which is wholly owned by the Royal Bank of Scotland, the fifth largest bank in the world. Security of your funds is protected by maximum-strength encryption.

But don't just listen to me!

Here is some feedback from customers:

"I certainly am finding the sponsorship e-book useful - it's quality information. I appreciate you taking the time to produce such a good resource."
Gregory Dunkley
Florida, USA

“Thanks for the ebook. Looks great. I'm a professional event manager and of course I have to have PR skills but did not have any formal training in sponsorship.”
Terri Black
Sydney, Australia

Here's what you get in this e-book

  • Your attributes that will interest a sponsor.

  • How to develop a marketing plan for finding corporate sponsorship.

  • A detailed template for writing a great sponsorship proposal, including the 8 essential ingredients.

  • The 4 fundamental things sponsors want from you.

  • 65 different benefits you can offer a sponsor.

  • How to calculate the value of the sponsorship benefits you offer.

  • Selling strategy secrets to increase your chances. What to do when making the selling pitch to a potential sponsor.

  • The 5 valuable guidelines on negotiation with a potential sponsor.

  • How to manage a sponsorship agreement for best results.

  • Low-cost ways to measure the success of a sponsorship.

  • Ways sponsors analyze the return they have gained to guide them on whether to continue or not.

Packed full of invaluable advice and guidelines

If you apply just some of the proven techniques in this e-book you will clearly improve your effectiveness in finding corporate sponsorship, and you will clearly demonstrate your value to your senior management.

Just one of these tips could tip the balance your way to win a major sponsorship in the next 12 months!

With this e-book, you have the potential to achieve great things for yourself in lifting your approach to sponsorship to another level.

This information is based on my own practical knowledge gained over 25 years PLUS my extensive research over the past 8 years.

All this valuable knowledge is available for just US$19.50.

What's more, you get a 100% money-back guarantee!

Genuine 12-month guarantee

If you are not fully satisfied with this e-book for any reason, just request your money back at any time within 12 months of purchase and I will return your purchase price in full.
Why would I take such a risk and possibly let people take advantage of me?
From the many hundreds of sales of my sponsorship e-book over the past 4 years, I have had only 3 requests for refunds – from customers who had unrealistic expectations and thought they would have to do nothing to win new sponsors.

You can implement these practical ideas immediately!

For only US$19.50 I am sharing with you the secrets of world's best sponsorship practice – this e-book is the distillation of gems of sponsorship information learned over the years.


When you buy this e-book, you get these five great bonuses worth 147.00:

Free sample initial contact letter
Free sample follow-up letter to an initial meeting with a potential sponsor
Free sample covering letter for a sponsorship proposal
Free sample sponsorship proposal containing notes for you to adapt to your own special needs
Free sample response letter to a rejection of your sponsorship proposal (they could still be a potential sponsor in the future, so don't write them off completely!)

These bonuses will help you make an impact immediately!

Act Now!

If you act immediately you will receive these bonuses right now! The bonuses will help you get the sponsorship results you want and will make you look really professional.

It's easy to order! Just US$19.50 plus the free bonus items valued at $147.00!


Kim Harrison

Kim Harrison
Principal, Cutting Edge PR

PS. I believe this e-book is a great investment for you. Hundreds of other customers think so too. At a low US$19.50, it can open the door to significant sponsorship funding. Here’s what one customer said:

"Have already downloaded documents [How to successfully seek corporate sponsorship].
Loving it .... worth every cent.
Thank you"
Patrick Koshoni
London, UK