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How can you make the world’s best employee motivation technique work for you?

You can discover how to use simple, low-cost techniques for instant improvements in employee performance.

Kim Harrison

From: Kim Harrison
Nov 21, 2017

Dear PR Professional,

Do you think staff morale could be improved in your organization? Could team spirit be better? Do colleagues seem to take a lot of sick days? Do more employees leave your organization than you would normally expect?

Did you know that a lot of these problems can be solved by using the best performance motivator in the world – employee recognition?

You can introduce employee recognition techniques to create better employee performance in your work area and in your organization as a whole – and the results will impress senior management!

The biggest motivator for employees is to be noticed and respected for their contribution at work.

Study after study has shown that what workers want from their jobs is not more benefits or money – it is more recognition for work well done. People tend to think pay is the biggest motivator, but pay rarely corresponds closely to overall satisfaction.

What is employee recognition exactly?

Employee recognition is the timely, informal or formal acknowledgement of a person’s or team’s behavior, effort or business result that supports the organization’s goals and values, and which has clearly been beyond normal expectations.

Praise and recognition are essential to an outstanding workplace. People want to be respected and valued for their contribution. Everyone feels the need to be recognized as an individual or member of a group and to feel a sense of achievement for work well done or even for a valiant effort. Everyone wants a ‘pat on the back’ at some point.

Dr Bob Nelson, one of the most widely read management consultants in the United States, tells me:

"When you get serious about performance, you have to get serious about recognition."

He has sold 3 million books on this topic, but he says employee recognition is still one of the least-used techniques in the workplace!

Bob, who is in regular contact with me, says the best way to obtain desired behavior and performance is to systematically find ways to notice, acknowledge, recognize and reward employees.

Remembering to recognize, reward and celebrate…is probably the most under-utilized motivational tool in organizations…So many people get involved in and contribute to changing the way an organization does things that it’s important to share the credit.

- Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School.

The benefits of employee recognition

  • Greater productivity – the act of recognizing desired behavior increases the repetition of the desired behavior, and therefore productivity. This is classic behavioral psychology. Training in the use of recognition ensures that reinforced behavior supports the organization’s mission and key performance indicators.
  • Greater employee satisfaction and enjoyment of work - more time spent focusing on the job and less time complaining.
  • Direct performance feedback for individuals and teams is provided.
  • Teamwork between employees is enhanced.
  • Retention of quality employees increases – lower employee turnover.
  • Lower negative effects such as absenteeism and stress.

Yet employers everywhere are poor at using this positive technique.

You may ask why I’m recommending employee recognition to you. This is why:

  1. You can use employee recognition to improve your effectiveness within your own workplace and elsewhere in the organization.
  2. You can help establish employee recognition as a formal program in your organization, creating better employee performance everywhere.

Why would you want to get involved in employee recognition? After all, aren’t HR people supposed to run this sort of thing?

Well…at first glance it is an HR role. Traditionally, HR practitioners have run employee recognition programs because recognition is a major component of employee motivation and satisfaction. However…

Employee recognition is a powerful communication tool

Recognition for work well done sends extremely positive signals to the recipient and others who are aware of the act of recognition. Employee recognition is therefore a communication technique to be encouraged by public relations practitioners, who can play a key role in influencing management to use recognition as a performance enhancer in the workplace.

People really don’t work for money. They go to work for it, but once the salary has been established, their concern is appreciation.

- Philip Crosby, international Quality expert

As a result, there is a prime opportunity for you to be a driving force for establishing an employee recognition program.

I learned how to harness the power of employee recognition!

As a public relations practitioner, what would I know about running an employee recognition program? Well, I fell into this area unintentionally and learned for myself how to harness its power.

I was public affairs manager and a member of the executive committee of a power utility in Australia, the Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric Authority, which constructed the famous Snowy Mountains Scheme. As the huge scheme wasn’t completed until 1974, management teams overlooked giving long service awards because the organization only had a short history.

Long service awards are usually handled by human resources staff, but when the subject was discussed at an executive meeting one day, the HR manager was reluctant to take on the job because of the extra work it would entail. I always enjoy a challenge, so I volunteered to manage the project.

I believe employee issues are vital and didn’t want the issue to be neglected, so I initiated the organization’s first employee recognition program for years of service.

Shortly after, I was recruited to another power utility and had a déjà vu experience - the same lack of recognition for years of service applied there all over again! So once again I volunteered at an executive committee meeting to establish an employee recognition program for years of service.

Managers often tend to overlook the importance to their employees of long service. However, most longstanding employees consider they have invested a major part of their life with their employer and look forward to their due recognition.

Unfortunately, some managers don’t consider years of service to be necessarily an achievement – they think any lazy time-server can receive an award for long service. You have probably seen this attitude for yourself.

But for every time-server there are usually plenty of others who take pride in their career. I was privileged to conduct several focus groups with employees and found they treated recognition with genuine respect, and they proposed very appropriate types of recognition for different lengths of service.

This was the first time in their lives management had sought their opinion on anything, and their response was wonderful! We quickly put together a great framework with excellent employee recognition criteria.

It must have been karma!

When I established my consulting firm, one of my first projects was a successful tender to develop an employee recognition program for a government department as part of their Quality management framework. What’s more, this was a well-paid tender! So my interest in due recognition for employees was about to pay off in generous dollars!

Using my previous firsthand experience, I was able to develop a recognition program for achievements by the department’s staff.

The project required six months of solid work:

  • situation analysis
  • research of international literature on the subject
  • a series of one-on-one interviews with managers from organizations where successful employee recognition examples were documented
  • interviewing the department’s staff
  • focus group meetings with staff about what they wanted in an employee recognition program
  • writing a 48-page report for the client

All my experience and knowledge gained from this project and from the two earlier ones I have assembled in this ebook on creative ideas for employee recognition. If you are looking for a creative employee recognition idea, here is an abundance!

But don’t just listen to me!

Here is some feedback from readers about this ebook on employee recognition programs and creative ideas for employee recognition:

“I enjoyed the text and believe it should be required reading for people who have had a few years experience and need a no-nonsense guide to help them broaden their thinking and tap into the management and strategic levels.”
- Dr Gae Synnott, FPRIA, academic, consultant and former senior PR manager.

“It is very relevant…and practical. The complexity of some areas of practice is simply illustrated and discussed…”
- Lea Kingdon, internal change consultant

“Through his free flowing and engaging presentational style and use of case studies and detailed check lists, Kim Harrison has succeeded in providing both a philosophical framework and an invaluable hands-on guide.”
- Keith Kessell, General Manager Public Affairs

“The ebook really is a great resource, and one that I always recommend.”
- Iwona Polski, Communications Advisor

“This is just a note of congratulations on your EXCELLENT ebook! …Very impressed with it.”
- Brenda Gale, MBA student and former Operations Manager

The results are here in this ebook –

A wealth of practical tips and guidelines!

  • This ebook is written from my own hard-won experience — I’ve personally developed three employee recognition programs – and so I know this information will work in the real world for you.
  • Expert knowledge. I’ve spent more than 10,000 hours of research during the past 7½ years for my book, Strategic Public Relations, and this ebook series. And I have consulted the experts like Bob Nelson to fine-tune the information on employee recognition. You can rely on this cutting-edge knowledge.
  • Convenient information at your fingertips – you can print it as hard copy instantly.
  • Instantly downloadable - You can start applying the information right away.
  • Concise – no waffle or jargon. The text gets straight to the point so you make the best use of your time.
  • Easy to read and understand. You know exactly what to do – it’s been tried and tested for you.
  • Value for money – affordable practical knowledge. Your employer should be glad to reimburse you for the cost of the valuable information in this ebook.
  • Easy to pay online through WorldPay and Marketer's Choice Shopping Cart - you can use Visa card, MasterCard or American Express to make your payment.
  • Secure – all payments are processed by WorldPay, which is wholly owned by the Royal Bank of Scotland, the fifth largest bank in the world. Security of your funds is protected by maximum-strength encryption.

Employee recognition is a specialized area. It is easy to fall into traps with implementation because there’s not much practical advice available in the marketplace – and most organizations do it badly.

What I give you here can’t easily be found elsewhere. In this ebook I give you the techniques to confidently introduce an employee recognition program. And along with the best-practice principles and guidelines, I provide you with 167 creative ideas and examples of good employee recognition criteria.

Senior management will be most impressed at your expertise in employee recognition!

In this ebook you benefit from my experience gained during actual employee recognition programs, from the good things and the errors, and from my painstaking research. You don’t have to do the hard work. I have done it for you. You can instantly take advantage of all this at a special low cost.

Here’s what you get in this ebook:

A total of 167 no-cost and low-cost creative ideas for recognition programs.

  • The compelling case for employee recognition. Definition of employee recognition. Cost/benefit analysis of employee recognition.
  • How recognition is different from reward.
  • What are the current attitudes towards employee recognition where you work?
  • Principles for effective recognition. Sincere. Fair and consistent. Timely. Frequent. Flexible. Appropriate. Specific.
  • Formal and informal recognition programs. Informal day-to-day recognition. Formal organizational recognition.
  • The keys to successful day-to-day employee recognition. Recognizing opportunities. What to recognize. Why recognize achievements. When achievements should be recognized. Who should recognize employee achievements.
  • How to give recognition to an individual. Example of giving recognition to an individual.
  • Informal employee recognition. 105 creative ideas for day-to-day employee recognition. Yes, 105 no-cost and low-cost ideas!
  • Formal employee recognition programs:
    • Outstanding employee awards
    • Productivity/production/Quality awards
    • Employee suggestion awards
    • Customer service awards
    • Sales target awards
    • Group and team awards
    • Attendance and safety awards
    • Long service awards
    • Recognition for departing employees
  • The best way to develop a structured employee recognition program.
  • Key steps for an effective employee recognition program:
    • Establish the foundation.
    • Select a recognition custodian.
    • Pilot/introduce the program.
    • Implementation.
    • Plan for infrastructure support.
    • Maintain continuing support.
    • Monitoring and evaluation.
  • Pitfalls to avoid:
    • Program design issues.
    • Corporate culture issues.
    • Pitfalls facing the team or individual employee.
  • How to create a memorable recognition award presentation:
    • Inform recipients and attendees in advance.
    • Select a good presenter.
    • Double-check the recipient’s details.
    • Ensure the presenter has the relevant information.
    • Describe the award and its significance.
    • Give others an opportunity to make supporting comments.
    • Give the recipient the opportunity to respond.
    • Close by thanking the recipient and those present.
    • Avoid these traps.
    • Catering.
    • Promotional support.

You get all this for only US$19.50!

Why is this great value?

Well, a government department paid me $23,750 for the same information!

In fact, they paid $23,750 for less information! I have expanded the information in this ebook from the report on employee recognition I compiled for that client. My report to them dealt only with their needs. This ebook relates to many different situations and is chock-full of creative ideas for employee recognition – 167 ideas and suggestions altogether!

Here’s proof of the money paid to me by that government department. They paid the contract in installments when agreed milestones were reached in the project. I invoiced these installments as follows:

Date Amount
November 3 $6,000
November 28 $6,000
December 29 $4,000
January 29 $4,000
February 26 $2,000
May 11 $1,750
Total $23,750

So, is this ebook value for money? You bet it is!

This ebook gives you an insider’s understanding of how to develop an employee recognition program either in your own area or for the whole organization! You can use this knowledge straight away – instantly!

If you are struggling for an employee recognition idea, here are plenty!

I have based this information on my own practical knowledge gained over 27 years including three actual employee recognition programs PLUS my extensive research of the communication literature in the past 7½ years.

This ebook stays on the point. I don’t waffle. I keep your practical application of this information in my mind the whole way.

This will be great for your career and a big plus for your organization!

That’s not all!

These special bonuses give you even more value!

All this valuable knowledge is available to you for just US$19.50

These three special bonuses give you even more value!

When you buy this ebook on employee recognition, you get the following great bonuses:

Employee recognition sample letter


Template for an employee recognition certificate


Sample of a presentation speech to a recognition recipient.

These bonuses will help you hit your stride immediately!

As a consultant, my time isn’t cheap. I charge $100 per hour. If you were my client, I would charge you $300 for these bonuses, based on the amount of time it has taken to plan, research, write and edit them, but I’m making them available to you for free as a special offer when you buy my ebook on employee recognition!

Remember, these bonuses (an example employee recognition letter, a template for an employee recognition certificate. and an example of an employee recognition presentation speech) are worth $300. When you apply them you will look like a real professional!

When you buy this ebook for US$19.50 you get all the essential information you need on employee recognition as well as $300 worth of bonuses for free!

All this is available to you for just US$19.50.

And that’s not all!

You get a 100% money-back guarantee!

You have this genuine 12-month guarantee:

If you are not fully satisfied with this ebook for any reason, just request your money back at any time within 12 months of purchase and I will return your purchase price in full – no questions asked. Well…actually I would very politely enquire why, to help improve the future content.

Why would I take such a risk and possibly let people take advantage of me?

Well, I go by the experience with my book, Strategic Public Relations. People thought my book provided great value for money! From the thousands of sales of my book over the past five years, I have had no requests for refunds – only a couple of requests for credits when books were damaged in the mail!

Act now!

If you act immediately you will receive these bonuses straightaway. These will make you look really professional.

It’s easy to order!


Kim Harrison

Kim Harrison
Principal, Cutting Edge PR

PS I believe this offer provides great value and will help your career!

PPS Other great ebooks are also available here. Just click here to find out the range of other topics in this Cutting Edge PR series.

Note: Australian customers - your purchase price includes 10% GST