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"Kim, just wanted to say thanks for a fantastically informative site."

Paula Hanson


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Increase the effectiveness of your change communication!

Discover many astute career-boosting ideas.

Kim Harrison

From: Kim Harrison
Nov 21, 2017

Dear PR professional

Are you searching for better ways to communicate about the need for change in your organization

You may be the PR head, who senior management is relying upon to generate an effective change communication framework. You may be new to this position and you want to develop a great strategy that shows you are on top of all the key change issues.

You may be a member of the PR team responsible for coming up with new and persuasive change communication ideas.

Or perhaps your boss is pressing you for better ideas about communicating for change.

Every organization is going through change

In the past few years, the one constant in the workplace has been the constant need for change.

Most workers don’t like being pushed into behavior change because it takes them out of their comfort zone.

They become used to working in a certain way and any change tends to make them feel uncomfortable.

What’s more, most people don’t like workplace change because it usually signals that their employer is trying to cut costs.

They know from personal experience in their own families or within their circle of contacts that change usually means unpleasant change.

I bet you know people who have lost their jobs as a result of change.

As a result, change is one of the hardest things to steer an organization through.

Worse still: most organizations do it badly.

This is because the most important things in a change program are the ‘soft’ issues relating to employee culture and communication.

Yet research shows that the most important people affected by a change strategy – employees – often are the most neglected!

For instance, a national US survey conducted in 2004 by Thomas L. Harris/Impulse Research on the PR budgets of 1,026 organizations, found that employee communication budgets comprised only 6% of total PR budgets on average, and were only a small fraction of the size of media relations budgets at 38%!

Flexibility is crucial

I understand the difficulties of changing workplace behavior because I have worked in the PR frontline for 27 years and have had to develop a range of change communication plans.

I’ve produced a change communication plan as a member of the Change Committee of an organization where I was Manager Corporate Affairs. I prepared a behavior change communication plan as a member of the Executive Committee of another organization.

I’ve researched the subject, organized workshops on how to develop a change communication framework, lectured on it in three countries, and now I have written about it in this ebook.

A lot of what I have learnt came in the research for my 627-page book, Strategic Public Relations, which is the textbook for nine university PR courses.

I’m also aware from my own frontline experience that every organization has its own unique change requirements – what works in one organization may not be right for another.

Therefore change management strategies need to be flexible. You need to ask the right questions to find out the things that are really important to your employees, and to tailor your subsequent change communication plan to fit their needs.

Keeping up with the latest international management trends

In addition to my own direct experience, I keep up to date with the world’s latest business and management thinking on change issues by subscribing to publications from top thinkers and advisers:

  • Harvard Business School
  • Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania
  • McKinsey & Co management consultants
  • Boston Consulting Group management consultants
  • Booz Allen Hamilton management consultants
  • Watson Wyatt Worldwide HR consultants
  • Mercer Human Resource Consultants
  • Towers Perrin HR Services
  • Hay Group
  • and dozens of other specialist public relations, marketing, Web marketing, advertising, and trendwatching publications.

Awareness of the latest management thinking is crucial to understanding the organizational context in which change communication takes place.

As a result of all this accumulated knowledge, I’ve brought together lots of winning change communication strategies in this ebook, How to create effective change communication. I give you the techniques you can tailor into the best possible change communication plan to suit your organization’s unique needs.

A wealth of practical tips and guidelines!

  • This ebook is written from my own hard-won experience — I’ve personally worked as a communication manager in several large organizations, and as a consultant I have advised clients on their change communication plans – and so I know this information will work in the real world for you.
  • Expert knowledge. I’ve spent more than 10,000 hours researching online over the past 8 years for my book, Strategic Public Relations, and this ebook series. I closely watch business trends by subscribing to the top online business and management journals in the world.
  • Convenient information at your fingertips – you can print it as hard copy instantly.
  • Instantly downloadable - You can start applying the information right away.
  • Concise – no waffle or jargon. The text gets straight to the point so you make the best use of your time.
  • Easy to read and understand. You know exactly what to do – it’s been tried and tested for you.
  • Value for money – affordable practical knowledge on change communication. Your employer should be glad to reimburse you for the cost of the valuable information in this ebook.
  • Easy to pay online through WorldPay and Marketer's Choice Shopping Cart - you can use Visa card, MasterCard or American Express to make your payment.
  • Secure – all payments are processed by WorldPay, which is wholly owned by the Royal Bank of Scotland, the fifth largest bank in the world. Security of your funds is protected by maximum-strength encryption.

But don’t just listen to me!

Here is some feedback from readers about this ebook on developing an effective change behaviour communication framework:

“I enjoyed the text and believe it should be required reading for people who have had a few years experience and need a no-nonsense guide to help them broaden their thinking and tap into the management and strategic levels.”
- Dr Gae Synnott, FPRIA, academic, consultant and former senior PR manager.

“It is very relevant…and practical. The complexity of some areas of practice in crisis communications is simply illustrated and discussed…”
- Lea Kingdon, internal change consultant

“Through his free flowing and engaging presentational style and use of case studies and detailed check lists, Kim Harrison has succeeded in providing both a philosophical framework and an invaluable hands-on guide.”
- Keith Kessell, General Manager Public Affairs

“The ebook really is a great resource, and one that I always recommend.”
- Iwona Polski, Communications Advisor

“This is just a note of congratulations on your EXCELLENT ebook! …Very impressed with it.”
- Brenda Gale, MBA student and former Operations Manager

Here’s what you get in this ebook:

  • Understand the 3 compelling forces that make change necessary.
  • Avoid the unnecessary, high costs of employee departures
  • Learn the 8 key steps to successful change management
  • How to avoid these 8 common errors
  • What you can do to implement and communicate change when there is no crisis
  • Successful change strategy requires a good change communication plan
  • Organizational change goals must be translatable to the individual employee – 9 key questions to ask to ensure local relevance
  • The 4 ways you can increase employee trust during a time of change
  • How important is employee loyalty?
  • Should you seek to change behavior first or organizational values and culture first?
  • How to use external pressures to create new workplace behavior
  • Discover the fundamental keys to communicating major change
  • This astute 10-step measurement technique helps employees to accept change
  • What to communicate in uncertain times
  • The secrets of using imagery in change situations
  • Profit from the 5 lessons of these downsizing programs
  • The vital change communication role in mergers and acquisitions

Packed full of career-boosting communication ideas

If you apply just some of the proven techniques in this ebook you will clearly improve your effectiveness in driving workplace behavior change, and you will show senior management just how valuable you are to them.

These techniques in this ebook are world-class – you get the answers to questions such as:

  • Where your change communication plan fits into the overall change management process
  • How your change communication plan can avoid some common mistakes in change management
  • How to translate broad organizational goals into local concepts
  • How to communicate when there is no crisis forcing change
  • How important employee trust and loyalty are
  • Which should come first, changed attitudes or changed behavior
  • Which reasons are the strongest to explain the need for workplace change

How much would it be worth to you to implement just one of these change communication techniques in the next 12 months?

With this ebook, you have the potential to achieve great things for yourself in applying just one of these proven change communication ideas.

But you get a whole lot more. You get a wealth of practical understanding of change communication strategies.

This information is based on my own practical knowledge gained over 27 years PLUS my extensive research over the past 8 years.

All this valuable knowledge is available for just US$19.50!

What’s more, you get a 100% money-back guarantee!

I give you this genuine 12-month guarantee:

If you are not fully satisfied with this ebook for any reason, just request your money back at any time within 12 months of purchase and I will return your purchase price in full – no questions asked. Well…actually I would very politely enquire why, to help improve the future content.

Why would I take such a risk and possibly let people take advantage of me?

Well, I go by the experience with my book, Strategic Public Relations. People thought my book provided great value for money! From the thousands of sales of my book over the past five years, I have had no requests for refunds – only a couple of requests for credits when books were damaged in the mail!

You can implement these practical ideas immediately!

For only $19.50 I am sharing with you the some of the secrets of world’s best PR practice.

No other source contains all this career-boosting information in the one place. This ebook is the distillation of gems of information learned over the years.

That’s not all!

These special bonuses give you even more value!

When you buy this ebook, you get these three great bonuses:

Free article on how to create enthusiastic employees.


Free article on making managers better communicators.


Free article on how good communication is needed for successful HR.

These bonuses will help you make an impact immediately!

Act now!

If you act immediately you will receive these bonuses right now! The bonuses will help you get the results you want and will make you look really professional.

It’s easy to order!


Kim Harrison

Kim Harrison
Principal, Cutting Edge PR

PS The knowledge you gain in this ebook should help your promotion prospects as senior management come to respect the extra value you bring to your job.

PPS Other great ebooks are also available here. Just click here to find out the range of other topics in this Cutting Edge PR series.

Note: Australian customers - your purchase price includes 10% GST