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Creating more ideas for publicity campaigns

By Kim Harrison,

Consultant, Author and Principal of


New ideas are hardly ever totally original; they are usually an extension of an existing concept. You can extract even more mileage from publicity campaigns by making existing concepts work harder for you.

British consultant Andy Green suggests using a matrix to extend publicity ideas. A matrix ensures you fully consider all the possible permutations for a publicity concept. A matrix will form a valuable checklist to ensure you have thought of as many publicity opportunities as you can that are based on a particular event.

When you think about each combination of ideas in the matrix, you will most likely think of further ideas that extend the original concept.

For instance, a matrix can be used as follows if you have the task of arranging a pictorial opportunity, also known as a photocall, about the launch of a project:

Project launch

Handshake Prop /
Visual Aid
Mayor Mayor cutting tape Mayor planting tree Mayor unveiling plaque Mayor receiving gift Mayor
shaking hands
Mayor with prop
Sports star Sports star cutting tape Sports star planting tree Sports star unveiling plaque Sports star receiving gift Sports star shaking hands Sports star with prop
CEO cutting tape CEO planting tree CEO unveiling plaque CEO receiving gift CEO
shaking hands
CEO with prop
Oldest employee Oldest employee cutting tape Oldest employee planting tree Oldest employee unveiling plaque Oldest employee
receiving gift
Oldest employee shaking hands Oldest employee with prop
Child Child cutting tape Child planting tree Child unveiling plaque Child receiving gift Child
shaking hands
Child with prop
Celebrity Celebrity cutting tape Celebrity planting tree Celebrity unveiling plaque Celebrity receiving gift Celebrity shaking hands Celebrity with prop


Obviously the list of people down the side and the activities shown in the top line of the matrix should be customized to your specific event.

I met Andy when he visited my home city recently and he kindly gave me an autographed copy of his book, Creativity in Public Relations, which offers useful advice on improving your own creativity. The book is available via and the Chartered Institute of Public Relations/Kogan in the UK .

About the Author

Kim Harrison is a recognized authority in the public relations field. His website,, provides a wealth of informative articles and resources on public relations techniques and management.


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