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How to create a top PR plan

How to create a top communication plan Latest update!

Like many communicators, you may know the basic building blocks for writing a communication project plan, but you may not be sure how to go to the next level - to write a robust plan that passes the scrutiny of senior management. You could also need to know how to create a world-class annual communication plan with budgeting.

Click here to learn how to create a top communication plan...

The secrets of successfully seeking sponsorship

The secrets of successfully seeking sponsorship

If your job is to find corporate sponsorship you will know the search can be long and difficult. More organizations than ever are competing with you for the sponsorship dollar, and sponsors are expecting more for their money. You know you have to be more professional in your quest for sponsorship.

Click here to to find out the secrets of finding corporate sponsorships...

Strengthen your PR management skills

Strengthen your PR management skills

Do you want to know what makes an effective PR department, how to measure and improve PR performance, how to become a trusted adviser to senior managers and how best to survive corporate politics? PR courses never cover these essentials, but you can learn the secrets of mastering them.

Click here to learn how to strengthen your PR management skills...

Do you worry about giving speeches and presentations

How to give sparkling speeches and presentations

When you need to speak in front of an audience or give a business presentation, do you feel your material could be better constructed? And do you believe you could present it more effectively? You know your speeches and presentations could be better, but what can you do to improve?

Click here to learn how you can deliver effective business speeches and presentations?

Innovative crisis communication strategies

Proven crisis communication strategies

Crises are rare events, but they hit so hard that astute organizations prepare plans to counter their impact. You may need to prepare a professional crisis communication plan that is instantly ready to implement and will withstand the toughest test.

Click here to find out how to prepare a great crisis communication strategy...

Creative ideas for employee recognition

Creative ideas for employee recognition

Employee recognition is the most powerful workplace motivator in the world. You can introduce employee recognition techniques to create better employee performance in your work area and in your organization as a whole - and the results will impress top management.

Click here to discover 167 creative ideas for employee recognition...

Increase the effectiveness of your change communication

Increase the effectiveness of your change communication

Are you searching for better ways to communicate about the need for change in your organization? Learn the techniques you can tailor into the best possible change communication plan to suit your organization's unique needs.

Click here to learn how to strengthen your change communication skills...

Excel with employee communication

Excel with employee communication

Good employee communication is widely understood to improve organizational performance, but research shows that most CEOs and managers are still poor communicators. What cutting-edge techniques can you initiate to improve employee communication in your organization?

Click here to learn how to excel with employee communication...

Meet Kim Harrison

Kim Harrison

Kim Harrison is Principal of Century Consulting Group, which owns the Cutting Edge PR web business. He is widely respected for his accomplishments as a PR manager, consultant, lecturer and author. The practical information Kim has written in this website will help you become a better communicator with faster career progress. Read more...

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